Sicolsa is a foundry company located in Manizales, Colombia, with more than 40 years of experience in the domestic and international market. We offer products in wide range of solutions in nodular iron, gray iron and steel, for the automotive, water work system, agricultural, electric and industrial markets.

Quality is the first commitment to our customers, guaranteeing their loyalty to our company. We have trained human capital to provide high quality foundry products, with a high value for customers who always seek in our company the solution to their needs.

Social and Corporate

Housing improvement program

This program seeks to improve the current housing conditions of personnel and their families, improving their life quality.



"The house was flooded, because water was coming in through the tiles and dripping down the stairs. With the modification, water no longer gets into our house. ! Thank you very much!"

- Production operator 


Our purpose in 2022 will be to compensate for the carbon footprint that we generate as a company through reforestation in different rural areas of the department. We are aware of the importance of sustainability in our productive process, we are aimed at finding new strategies to minimize the impact on the environment.

Our commitment is to work daily to achieve a more sustainable world through different activities:


We regularly monitor the gases that are emitted into the atmosphere, verifying compliance with the permissible parameters.


In our production process we maximize the use of raw materials by returning material to our productive process that can be used more than once. Helping reduce the exploitation of natural resources.

Water - Energy

We are aware of the importance of these resources in our daily activities, that is why we promote culture in the care of these through different activities.


Our environmental responsibility is focused on the integral management of all the waste that as a company we generate. We use those that can be recycled and responsibly dispose those that do not have more utility.


Rafael Henao - CEO

We are building an organization that materializes the well-being of our collaborators, the needs and growth of our customers, as an engine of progress to our region. We have the best human capital, modern foundry equipment, and the experience of more than 40 years as leaders in the different markets we serve.

Roger Delgado - Engineering Manager

SICOLSA, it’s my second family! With God's help, he has enabled me to train myself personally and professionally; from my role I contribute to the technical development of the company.

Carlos Octavio – Production Manager

Sicolsa is passion, teamwork, our other family, where dreams are made, solutions, where we work with love and a sense of belonging, our company, everyone’s company.

Paula Echeverri - Sales Executive

Sicolsa is that family where we work every day to make ideas come true. "Coming together is the beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is success". -Henry Ford.